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Below you will find baby size chart clothes and shoes.

First, a question of terminology. A newly born baby is called a newborn, and a baby between 3 and 12 months old - an infant. Baby sizes therefore refer to the first year of a child's life. During this time, the toddler grows very intensively, therefore the size of infants changes quite dynamically (depending on the number of months lived). During the first 3 months, a child may grow up to 10 cm!

The sizes of baby are usually in the standard range from 56 to 86 in EU or 3M to 24M in US. They indicate the toddler's height expressed in centimeters. It should be remembered that there are other values ​​- chest and waist circumference, or even weight - that can also be taken into account. First, let's look at the basic version of the baby size chart:

Baby sizes in EU

  • premature babies: 46-52 cm,
  • 0-3 months: 56-62 cm,
  • 3-6 months: 62-68 cm,
  • 6-9 months: 68-74 cm,
  • 9-12 months: 74-80 cm,
  • 12-18 months: 80-86 cm.

Baby sizes in US

  • NB/0 monthsUp to 19 in,
  • 0–3 months: 19–23 in,
  • 3–6 months: 23–25 in,
  • 6–9 months: 25–27 in,
  • 6–12 months: 25–29 in,
  • 12–18 months: 29–31 in,
  • 18–24 months: 31–33 in.

Baby clothes size chart (Preemie to 24M)

Baby sizes clothes and shoes are given in kg, cm, lbs and inches.

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Every single parent of a baby is surely aware of the fact that while purchasing items of clothing for a little kid, size chart is extremely important and may be of exceptional help while placing orders either in online or in brick-and-mortar shops.

Baby clothes are nowadays made out of top quality materials, which is a guarantee that they will last for a really long time, but the most important thing that has to be taken into account while familiarizing oneself with the size chart of a particular company before making a purchase is the fact that kids grow really fast, so there is no point in purchasing tops, blouses, jeans, or shoes that are perfectly fitting, as after a few months, they will be probably too small and will have to be replaced with some other products.

Therefore, while consulting a size chart available online or hanging from the wall of a shop in your area, remember that even though it may be standardized for children in a given country, it is also worth consider purchasing goods that are at least a bit bigger in order to ensure that the child has something cozy and stylish to wear in the months to come. We are also of the opinion that while buying baby clothes, it is always worth following advices of professionals with perennial experience in their file, because they will undoubtedly be able to provide us with vital pieces of information that will make purchasing the right goods remarkably easier. A single piece of advice may change shopping from a dreadful experience to a fascinating and very satisfying event!

Baby Apparel

SizeHeight (in)Weight (lb)
P up to 5 lbUp to 17"Up to 5 lb
P (Preemie)Up to 18"Up to 6 lb
NB (Newborn)18-21.5"6-9 lb
3M21.5-24"9-12.5 lb
6M24-27"12.5-17 lb
9M27-28.5"17-21 lb
12M28.5-30"21-25 lb
18M30-32"25-28 lb
24M32-34"28-30 lb

SizeHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
P up to 5 lbUp to 43 cmUp to 2.3 kg
P (Preemie)43-46 cmUp to 2.7 kg
NB (Newborn)46-55 cm2.7-4 kg
3M55-61 cm4-5.7 kg
6M61-69 cm5.7-7.5 kg
9M69-72 cm7.5-9.3 kg
12M72-76 cm9.3-11.1 kg
18M76-81 cm11.1-12.5 kg
24M81-86 cm12.5-13.6 kg

Baby Socks

SizeAge RangeUS Shoe Size
0-3M0-3 monthsNB/0-1
3-12M3-12 months1-4
12-24M12-24 months4-7
2T-4T2-4 years7-10
4-74-7 years10-13
8 & up8-16 years13 & up

Baby Tights

SizeAge RangeWeight (lb)
0-3M0-3 monthsUp to 12.5 lb
0-9M0-9 monthsUp to 21 lb
3-12M3-12 months12.5-25 lb
9-18M9-18 months21-28 lb
12-24M12-24 months25-30 lb
18-24M18-24 months28-30 lb
2T-4T2-4 years31-38 lb
2-42-4 years31-38 lb
4-64-8 years41-49 lb
4-74-8 years41-59.5 lb
6-84-8 years49-60.5 lb
8 & up4 years & up69.5-108 lb

SizeAge RangeWeight (kg)
0-3M0-3 monthsUp to 5.7 kg
0-9M0-9 monthsUp to 9.5 kg
3-12M3-12 months5.7-11.3 kg
9-18M9-18 months9.5-12.7 kg
12-24M12-24 months11.3-13.6 kg
18-24M18-24 months12.7-13.6 kg
2T-4T2-4 years14.1-17.2 kg
2-42-4 years14.1-17.2 kg
4-64-8 years18.6-22.2 kg
4-74-8 years18.6-27 kg
6-84-8 years22.2-31.5 kg
8 & up4 years & up31.5-49 kg

Baby Hats

SizeAge RangeCircumference (in)
0-3M0-3 months16 5/8"
0-6M0-6 months17 5/8"
0-9M0-9 months18 1/8"
3-9M3-9 months18 1/8"
12-24M12-24 months20"
2T-4T2-4 years20 1/2"
4-74-8 years21 3/8"
4-6X4-8 years21 1/4"
4-84-8 years21 1/2"
4-144 years & up22"
8-144 years & up22"

SizeAge RangeCircumference (cm)
0-3M0-3 months42 cm
0-6M0-6 months45 cm
0-9M0-9 months46 cm
3-9M3-9 months46 cm
12-24M12-24 months51 cm
2T-4T2-4 years52 cm
4-74-8 years53 cm
4-6X4-8 years55 cm
4-84-8 years55 cm
4-144 years & up56 cm
8-144 years & up57 cm

Baby Gloves

SizeAge RangeGlove Length (in)Hand Width (in)
0-3M0-3 months2 3/8"2"
0-9M0-9 months3 1/8"2 1/2"
3-9M3-9 months3 1/8"2 1/2"
12-24M12-24 months3 7/8"3 1/8"
2T-4T2-4 years4 1/4"3 1/4"
4-6X4-6 years5 1/4"3 5/8"
4-74-8 years5 1/4"3 5/8"
4-84-8 years5 3/8"4 1/2"
4-14 (girls)4 years & up6"4 5/8"
4-14 (boys)4 years & up7"4 7/8"
8-14 (girls)4 years & up6"4 5/8"
8-14 (boys)4 years & up7"4 7/8"

SizeAge RangeGlove Length (mm)Hand Width (mm)
0-3M0-3 months60 mm50 mm
0-9M0-9 months79 mm63 mm
3-9M3-9 months79 mm64 mm
12-24M12-24 months98 mm79 mm
2T-4T2-4 years108 mm82 mm
4-6X4-6 years133 mm92 mm
4-74-8 years133 mm95 mm
4-84-8 years137 mm111 mm
4-14 (girls)4 years & up152 mm117 mm
4-14 (boys)4 years & up178 mm124 mm
8-14 (girls)4 years & up152 mm117 mm
8-14 (boys)8-14 years178 mm124 mm

Baby Sleep Bags

SizeAge RangeHeight (in)Weight (lb)
Small (S)0-3 monthsUp to 24"6-12 lb
Medium (M)6-9 months24-28"12.5-21 lb

SizeAge RangeHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Small (S)0-3 monthsUp to 61 cm2.7-5.4 kg
Medium (M)6-9 months61-71 cm5.5-9.5 kg

Baby Shoes

US SizeAge RangeGeneral SizeLength (in)
NB (0)Up to 6 weeksXXXS3 1/4"
16 weeks-3 monthsXXS3 1/2"
23-6 monthsXXS3 3/4"
36-9 monthsXS4 1/8"
49-12 monthsXS4 1/2"
512-18 monthsS4 3/4"

US SizeAge RangeGeneral SizeLength (cm)
NB (0)Up to 6 weeksXXXS8.0 cm
16 weeks-3 monthsXXS8.9 cm
23-6 monthsXXS9.5 cm
36-9 monthsXS10.5 cm
49-12 monthsXS11.4 cm
512-18 monthsS12.1 cm

How to dress a baby?

When preparing a layette for a newborn, there is quite a significant problem: we do not know the exact dimensions of our baby yet. Theoretically, we should reach for the size 56, but we are not sure whether the baby will not turn out to be a premature or quite substantial newborn. It is good then to get a few larger sets (size 62) or to invest in emergency bodys in sizes 52 and 62.

As mums themselves say, it is not uncommon for a child to have similar dimensions to its parents at birth. It is enough to read the reports of Internet users on forums to find many examples confirming this theory. Hereditary characteristics can indeed be an important clue - if your husband is 2 meters, consider purchasing a size 62 garment, and when you both weigh less than 3 kg at birth most of your baby's first clothes may be size 56.

See also kids clothing size chart.

Baby clothes size chart - Sizees (2024)
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