Did Joe Sam Leave Houston Life (2024)

1. Lauren Kelly - Click2Houston

  • ... Houston Dairymaids to do ... Houston Life is a lifestyle TV show passionate about celebrating the greater Houston area. ... Joe Sam and Lauren Kelly go head-to-head ...

  • Lauren_Kelly

2. Houston Life debuts at 3pm, Joe Sam joins - Mike McGuff

  • Aug 18, 2020 · KPRC 2's Houston Life has officially moved to its new 3pm time slot as of yesterday. The channel 2 lifestyle show swapped placed with Dr. Phil ...

  • KPRC 2's Houston Life has swapped places with Dr. Phil to air at 3pm and debuts new move with other changes


  • Duration: 7:18Posted: Jul 21, 2022

  • The City of Bellaire's ‘Picnic in the Park’ event will kick off at 5:30 at Evergreen Park, and for the first time ever there will be a cardboard boat regatta! (boat race) And here at Houston Life, you guys know we always love a good challenge! Watch as Joe Sam and Lauren Kelly create their own boats to see who will be most successful in a race across the pool!

4. Houston Life viewers help Reporter Joe Sam find FUR-Ever friend from ...

5. Sam Houston | Timeline - Nashville Public Television

  • When Texas votes to separate from the Union, Houston, a strong Unionist, refuses to swear allegiance to the Confederacy. Consequently, Houston leaves the ...

  • Visit the timeline of events on Nashville Public Television's Sam Houston.

6. Houston Children - Sam Houston Memorial Museum

  • Sam Houston Memorial Museum, dedicated to the life and times of General Sam Houston ... was wounded and left for dead. An Army chaplain ... Nannie was nineteen, and ...

  • Sam Houston Memorial Museum, dedicated to the life and times of General Sam Houston.

7. HOUSTON LIFE: June 21, 2022

  • Duration: 45:03Posted: Jun 22, 2022

  • Destiny’s Child Letoya Luckett stopped by the studio to share with us about her new reality series “Leave it to Letoya” and Stranger Thing’s Priah Ferguson practices her swing with Courtney and Derrick. For more information, visit HoustonLife.tv

8. Joe Sam on LinkedIn: ***NEW REEL ALERT**** I've made the transition ...

  • Jun 19, 2020 · September 8th marked my 1 year anniversary as the Lifestyle/Entertainment TV Correspondent and Journalist for KPRC Houston Life. I've ...

  • ***NEW REEL ALERT**** I've made the transition from Investigative Anchor and Reporter to Entertainment and Lifestyle reporting and I cannot tell you all how… | 10 comments on LinkedIn

9. HOUSTON LIFE: June 8, 2022

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  • We make a big KPRC 2 announcment live on our show! That, and much more, at HoustonLife.TV

10. The Story of Sam Bass - City of Round Rock

  • As Sam left the scene he was said to have uttered ... living it up in the North Texas towns (Smith 33). ... “When Sam Bass, the Notorious Texas Bandit Was Killed, ...

  • A brief history of the life of western outlaw Sam Bass, especially his death in a shootout in Round Rock, TX.

11. CBK Media Management Client Joe Sam Jumps To Top-10 Market

  • Aug 18, 2020 · Before heading to Houston, Joe was the popular Entertainment Reporter/Host/Anchor for WSYX (ABC) in Columbus, OH (Market #34). Joe was ...

  • Congratulations to CBK Media Management client Joe Sam on making the jump to a top-10 market station. Joe is the new Entertainment/Lifestyle Show Reporter-Host for Houston Life on KPRC (NBC) in Houston, TX (Market #8). Before heading to Houston, Joe was the popular Entertainment Reporter/Host/Anchor for WSYX (ABC) in Columbus, OH (Market #34). Joe was previously a News Anchor/Reporter at WILX (NBC) in Lansing, MI (Market #115). Prior to Lansing, Joe was the Morning News Anchor/Reporter at his hometown station KLAF (CBS) in Lafayette, LA. While working at KLAF, Joe also worked as the Communications Director for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). This organization and its cause is close to Joe's heart as his two-year old nephew was a victim of child abuse. Joe grew up not far from New Orleans in Opelousas, Louisiana. He graduated from Southern University A & M in Baton Rouge, LA  with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications. He also has a Masters Degree from Grand Canyon University. Joe is a proud member of  Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, the National Association of Black Journalists, NAACP, and National Society of Leadership and Success. #TeamCBK

12. HOUSTON LIFE: March 29, 2022

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  • For more information, visit hosutonlife.tv

13. Battle and Revolution | The Alamo

  • As they fled, General Sam Houston marched with the Texan Army behind the fleeing civilians. Santa Anna left the Alamo at the end of March in search of the ...

  • The following day, Santa Anna was captured and brought to Sam Houston.  An agreement was made and the Republic of Texas was born. The Texas…

Did Joe Sam Leave Houston Life (2024)
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