French Martini (2024)

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You'll love this easy French Martini! This co*cktail is made with vodka, pineapple juice, and Chambord. That's right, it's only 3 ingredients!

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Recipe Inspiration

The French Martini is one of my favorite martini recipes! This sweet co*cktail was invented in New York City Bars in the 1980s and has been popular in the United States ever since! There are many variations today, but the original recipe has vodka, pineapple juice, and Chambord.

This sophisticated co*cktail might be a sweet drink, but it has a hint of tart pineapple balanced with the French raspberry liqueur and smooth vodka.

This amazing drink got it's name because of the addition of the berry French liqueur. The sweetness of the liqueur makes it one of the most classic sweet vodka co*cktails.

We love this easy recipe for a girl's night, a game night with friends, or a pre-dinner date night co*cktail! This co*cktail is also great for entertaining since it's so easy to make!

You can make this a batch co*cktail by making the drink and chilling without ice in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve.

If you're looking for more popular co*cktails, check out our White Negroni, Sweet Basil, and Limoncello Spritz recipes.

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Why You'll Love This Recipe

Here's why you'll love this easy co*cktail recipe.

Refreshing- This French Martini is so refreshing. I love this on a hot day with an extra lemon twist! You could even add soda water and make it a spritz.

Unique- This co*cktail is full of French ingredients that you might not have tried yet! Chambord is a sweet raspberry liqueur that adds the perfect amount of soft fruitiness to this drink. The subtle tartness pairs beautifully with the It's a great reason to add some variety to your liquor cabinet and impress your friends!

Easy- Although the flavor is complex, this drink is so easy to make! There are just a few ingredients and minimal steps to make this recipe. It will become one of your favorite co*cktails in no time.

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Here are the ingredients you will need for this classic co*cktail:

  • Vodka - I like Grey Goose, but you can use any high quality vodka you have on hand
  • Pineapple Juice - Use the freshest pineapple juice you can! You can substitute with lemon juice or lime juice if needed.
  • Chambord Liqueur - Or any other raspberry liqueur, such as Creme de Cassis. You can find these in the liquor aisle of most grocery stores or liquor stores.
  • Lemon - Or dehydrated citrus, for garnish
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Let's make this delicious co*cktail recipe together!

Step 1

Add the vodka, pineapple juice, and raspberry liquor in a co*cktail shaker filled with ice. Shake for 10 seconds, until chilled.

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Step 2

This co*cktail is served like traditional martinis, up. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Serve with a lemon twist or dehydrated citrus slice.

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Expert Tips and Tricks

Get Creative- Once you've tried a French Martini, you can experiment with different variations. You can use a vodka with raspberry flavor or vanilla vodka to add more flavor to the co*cktail. You could also add some dry vermouth for a more classic vodka martini flavor.

Use Correct Glassware- We recommend serving this co*cktail up. The correct glass to serve this in is a martini glass. We recommend serving in one for the best drink experience!

Juice - Use fresh pineapple juice for the freshest taste in your co*cktail.

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Kitchen Equipment

Here is some kitchen equipment you will need for this classic sweet martini recipe. You can find all of these products on Amazon.

co*cktail Shaker - I recommend this co*cktail shaker. It won't get stuck and it's super high quality!

Martini Glass - Check out these beautiful martini glasses that will level up your home bar!

co*cktail Bar Set - If you like home mixology, check out this bar set. You'll get best results for your home co*cktails with all the right tools.

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Recipe Substitutions/Variations

Here are some common recipe substitutions and variations for this classic recipe.

Chambord Substitution -You can substitute Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur with Creme de Cassis or any other raspberry liqueur or black currant liqueur.

Sparkling Drink - Make a sparkling French Martini by topping with an ounce of sparkling wine.

Garnish -You vary the garnish by using fresh raspberries or some dried citrus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a French Martini?

A French Martini earned it's name from the addition of French black raspberry liqueur to the co*cktail.

Is a French Martini the same as a French 75?

The French Martini co*cktail is a fruity co*cktail with vodka, Chambord, and pineapple juice. It is different than the French 75, which is an elegant co*cktail made of gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, and champagne.

What alcohol is Chambord?

Chambord is a raspberry liqueur that is made in the Loire Valley of France.

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What to Serve With

Check out some of these dishes that pair well with this classic French Martini recipe!

Other Recipes to Try

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French Martini

You'll love this easy French Martini! This co*cktail is made with vodka, pineapple juice, and Chambord. That's right, it's only 3 ingredients!

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Prep Time 5 minutes mins

Cook Time 0 minutes mins

Total Time 5 minutes mins

Course Drinks

Cuisine co*cktails

Servings 1 co*cktail

Calories 207 kcal


  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Pineapple Juice
  • ¾ oz Chambord or any raspberry liquor
  • Lemon or dehydrated citrus to serve


  • Add the vodka, pineapple juice, and raspberry liquor in a co*cktail shaker filled with ice. Shake for 10 seconds, until chilled.

  • Strain into a chilled co*cktail glass. Serve with a lemon twist or dehydrated citrus slice.

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French Martini (2024)
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