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Most of the time, we focus on keeping babies warm as it is difficult for them to regulate their own temperature as newborns. However, it is equally as important to help keep them cool during the warmer months too.

Babies come from a very warm and comfortable place in the mother’s womb. Imagine stepping out of a warm swimming pool and then the cold air hits you, it’s a dramatic change. When you see midwives and nurses placing a warm blanket over the baby and putting a hat on as soon as the baby is born, it’s to help them warm up as quickly as possible.

Typically, a baby's temperature should be around about 36C to 37C. If their temperature is slightly elevated, you can always start by removing some layers of clothing to help them cool down.

Summer baby clothes should be created from lightweight, natural cotton fibres. Natural fibres absorb moisture easily and allow breathability. This assists your baby to regulate their temperature and prevents them from overheating. For warmer weather, we recommend loose-fitting clothing that covers as much of your child’s skin as possible, in particular if they are being exposed to the sun.

Make sure baby wears a broad-brimmed sun hatthat shades the face, neck and ears. Cap style hats do not provide enough protection and are not recommended.

How to Keep Baby Protected in Summer

Here are some of the things you want to think about during the warmer months:

  • Apply SPF 30+ (or higher) broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen

    to any part of baby’s skin not covered by clothing that might be exposed to the sun. If using sunscreen on babies, do so very occasionally on very small areas of skin. If possible, try and use a baby, toddler or sensitive skin formula.

  • Seek shade

    . Remember some UV rays can still reach you in the shade, so continue to use all forms of sun protection such as a broad-brimmed sun hat, even when in the shade.

  • Stay Hydrated.

    Ensure they drink plenty of water and eat plenty of whole foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Keep Baby Cool

    . Make sure that there is adequate airflow where you are. Wetting a

    face washer

    and placing this on the back of baby’s neck may assist in keeping your little one cool.

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How toTell if Baby isTooHot?

  • As a general rule of thumb, your baby should be wearing one more layer than you. An easy way to check your baby’s temperature is by placing your hand behind your baby’s neck, or on their chest or tummy.

  • If it is a very hot day, you’re often able to gauge quickly if they are too hot or too cold. If in doubt, you can also use a thermometer to check your baby’s temperature.

  • Some signs to look for that your little one might be too warm are:

    • A flushed face

    • Sweaty or clammy

    • Rapid breathing

    • Skin is unusually warm to the touch

It can still be difficult to know how to dress a newborn during summer. Here are some ideas:

  • Babyshorts

    are a great option for warm weather. Pair them with one of our tees or bodysuits for a complete outfit

  • If it is a very hot day and you are indoors, you may opt to dress your little one simply in their nappy and a singlet or bodysuit.

  • Baby rompers

    are perfect for warmer days as they are often made from a lightweight organic cotton or breathable linen. Pair with a tee underneath for added sun protection.

  • If you your child is a little older and they have begun standing and or walking, they require grip on their little feet. In this case, you can put some sandals on and pair them with lightweight cotton clothing that is easy to move around.

  • Don’t forget a

    sun hat

    so your little one is protected

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How to Dress Baby for Summer | Summer Baby Outfits | Purebaby (2024)


What should a baby wear in the summer? ›

Generally, when it's hot, a single layer is enough – lightweight cotton is best as it's breathable. When you're out and about, make sure your baby has a wide brim hat on to keep the sun off their face. The pram should have a clip-on parasol or sunshade.

What should I dress my baby in for summer sleep? ›

Match Clothing to Different Temperatures
>77 °F (>26 °C)Minimal clothing E.g. Light bodysuits (short sleeve) or swaddle garments
71-76 °F (22-24 °C)Thin layers E.g. Light bodysuits (long sleeve) or swaddle garments
64-70 °F (18-21 °C)Standard clothing E.g. Light bodysuits (long sleeves) and a onesie or swaddle garment
2 more rows
Jul 14, 2020

What should baby's going home outfit be in summer? ›

The most important thing to remember when bringing your newborn home during the summer heat is to keep them cool with breathable, breezy clothes. Adding a bonnet or cap can help protect them from the sun, but be sure to watch for signs of overheating!

Can babies wear onesies in summer? ›

In the summer months, you can dress your baby in a onesie or baby pajamas made of breathable materials such as muslin. On very warm nights, your baby may also be comfortable in a diaper with a lightweight swaddle, as long as they are not in an air conditioned room.

Should newborns wear long sleeves in summer? ›

A general rule of thumb to find the right temperature for your little one, is therefore to dress them in one more layer than what you would wear yourself. So, if you think it's t-shirt weather for you, it probably means long sleeve for the little one.

What should 7 month old wear in summer? ›

When the temperature rises over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it's a safe bet to dress baby in only a single layer of loose clothing so they don't overheat. Lightweight cotton clothes are breathable to help baby keep cool—and protect their skin from sunburn (keep baby in the shade as much as possible).

Should babies wear footie pajamas in summer? ›

Dressing Your Baby for Sleep in Summer

Many parents choose to put their children in footie pajamas under their sleep sacks, but if the weather is very warm, a lightweight bodysuit will often be enough. If it's really hot, just dressing them in their diaper and the sleep sack could be enough.

Can babies wear footie pajamas in the summer? ›

If the temperature of the room is on the cooler end, having your baby in footed pajamas can help keep them warm. However, if you're dealing with summer weather or a heat wave and controlling the temperature is proving to be difficult, it would be best to focus on breathable material.

How should I dress my baby in a 72 degree room? ›

More on TOG Ratings
  1. 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit: Use a swaddle that's less than or equal to 1.0 TOG and dress your baby in a short-sleeve cotton bodysuit.
  2. 69 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit: Use a swaddle that's less than or equal to 2.0 TOG and dress your baby in long- or short-sleeve cotton pajamas.

Do babies need socks in summer? ›

In the summer, breathable socks are essential for newborns. They also protect the foot from UV rays. In the winter, layering socks and other clothing is essential to keep your baby's feet warm. During transition months, socks can also help protect your baby's feet from the elements.

Do babies wear short sleeve onesies in summer? ›

Dressing a newborn for hot weather during the day

Opt for short sleeve onesies or bodysuits. When dressing the newborn for sleep, use thin layers and avoid thick blankets. Make sure the baby's head and face are uncovered to avoid overheating. Allow your baby's feet to be free by not putting them in socks or booties.

How to dress a 6 month old in summer? ›

Summer baby clothes should be created from lightweight, natural cotton fibres. Natural fibres absorb moisture easily and allow breathability. This assists your baby to regulate their temperature and prevents them from overheating.

Do babies wear long sleeve pajamas in summer? ›

Short sleeve onesies are usually a great choice in the warmer months. In cooler weather where it might not seem cold enough for footed pajamas, opt for the long sleeve onesie with or without socks.

What should a baby wear in 80 degree weather? ›

A good general rule still applies: if you are hot and sweaty, so is your baby. One layer of clothing is fine. Anything over 75 degrees is pretty much fair game for a single layer of clothing. Stick to 100% cotton materials that breathe well.

How to dress a baby at 50 degrees? ›

When dressing your baby for 50-degree weather, layer pieces that can be easily adjusted. Begin with a long-sleeved bodysuit, adding warmer items like a fleece jacket or sweater. Remember a hat to retain body heat and socks/booties to keep toes warm.

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