Khinkali and Khachapuri: Authentic Georgian dishes worth travelling for | AGENDA.GE (2024)

Georgian Khinkali and Khachapuri have been named on the list of ‘Foods Worth Travelling For’ on the international website The Daily Meal.

The two Georgian dishes were mentioned among 150 foods from all over the globe, which the website suggested travellers must enjoy when visiting foreign destinations.

"Even if we don’t always remember the history behind the Colosseum, the significance of the Great Pyramids’ configuration or who built Machu Picchu after returning home from a trip, we can almost always remember what we ate while we were there,” the media outlet claimed.

The website claimed once you try Khinkali and Khachapuri, you will never forget their authentic, unique taste.

Khinkali are Georgian dumplings that are filled with mixtures of raw, spiced meats and various greens. The dumplings are prepared by being stuffed and then boiled, trapping the meat’s juice inside as the filling cooks.

"The result is a delicious, precious liquid that customers try not to spill as they eat the dumpling,” the website wrote about Khinkali.

As for Khachapuri, "this indulgent dish is like a blank canvas for different flavours,” The Daily Meal claimed.

Khachapuri is cheese-filled bread often topped with egg and butter. This variation of Khachapuri is called Acharuli however the most common variety is Imeruli. The types of Khachapuri differ from region to region.

"Because of its simplicity, there are many variations and cooks often add potatoes, various cheeses and sauces to the dish,” the website wrote.

Alongside the Georgian dishes, included in The Daily Meal’s list were a number of unique and well-known foods from all over the world.

Khinkali and Khachapuri: Authentic Georgian dishes worth travelling for | AGENDA.GE (2024)
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