Red Nose Day dress up ideas (2024)

Since 1985, Comic Relief has supported some incredible projects making a change to people's lives across the UK and around the world. With Red Nose Day around the corner on Friday 15th March, your children’s school will probably be taking part by hosting a non-uniform day.

This year children at primary school are encouraged to dress up, and secondary school to dress down for the day – while making a small donation to do so.

Primary schools

This year Comic Relief is asking primary-aged children to turn RED to celebrate Red Nose Day, and they are asking you and your school to go 'red-to-toe' too. So, dust off your old ruby slippers, pop on your lobster suit or simply don some scarlet socks - it's up to you!

Secondary schools

The charity is encouraging secondary-aged children to pick a theme, dress in red or simply come as they are. Your children’s friendship group could choose to dress up as their favourite band, or characters from their favourite film or video game. If they choose to wear something red, it could be a top, shoes or even wearing red accessories for the day, while still feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Managing pressure of a non-uniform day

Non-uniform days can cause anxiety and worry in some children as they feel they have to look a certain way. Much of this anxiety can come from the fear of not wearing the latest designer brands and labels, and is often more apparent in teenagers when they’re going through so many changes, both physically and mentally.

Comic Relief has suggested coming to school in red or picking a theme, meaning your kids and their friends can still dress in a similar way without feeling self-conscious.

If you buy your kids unbranded items, nobody will know where it came from or how much it cost, and you can always just cut the labels out. Remember, other parents will also be getting pressure from kids to buy them brands and labels, so you could reach out to some of the parents of your kids’ friends to see if they’re getting the same pressure. It will help to reassure each other you’re on the same page when it comes to rules about what your kids are allowed to wear.

If you’re really worried about how your children might cope with a non-uniform day, Childline has some great advice for kids on dealing with peer pressure:

  • It's okay to say ‘no’
  • You can make your own choices
  • There are ways to say no to something, but still be accepted and have friends
  • There are ways to feel more confident about saying how you feel.

They also offer advice on self-esteem, friendships and assertiveness.

You can also read our blog on bullying, which has lots of advice on where to go and the signs to spot if you have concerns that your kids are being bullied because of peer pressure.

Remember, non-uniform days are meant to be a bit of fun, and often coincide with charity days like Comic Relief, where children learn important lessons about those who are less fortunate as themselves. Remind your kids to be kind to others too, and not to single out others who might not feel as comfortable taking part.

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Red Nose Day dress up ideas (2024)
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