Tweaker Configuration (2024)

Tweaker Setup

Now that you have downloaded and installed PSO2, this section of the guidewill cover the various features of the PSO2 Tweaker as well as updatingthe game using the PSO2 Tweaker, provided by Arks-Layer.

Downloading the Tweaker

After PSO2 has been successfully installed, you will need to update the game by using the PSO2 Tweaker.Failure to do so will result in being unable to login and not being able to create your character.

First, we'll need to ensure that the requirements for the PSO2 Tweaker are met. You will need to have the.NET Framework 4.6.2 or later installed. You can download the version 4.6.2 installerhere.

If you have already ensured that you have .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher installed, you can now continuewith the download of the PSO2 Tweaker. Click here tovisit the Arks-Layer page and download the PSO2 Tweaker. Be sure that you've chosen the "Setup file" optionand not the "EXE only" option.

Tweaker Configuration (1)

Once installed, we will need to also set exceptions in our antivirus software. The reason for thisis that most antivirus software use heuristics to identify possible unknown viruses, using certainpatterns in behavior or how the program works. This means that the entire basis of how the Tweakerworks gets it classified as a virus.

You may wonder, what does the Tweaker do to get it classified as a virus? Well, let's look over inwhat the Tweaker does in the first place. The Tweaker is an alternative launcher for the Japaneseonline RPG Phantasy Star Online 2. It is used to download updates and offers more features with optionalpatches to enhance the user experience. The Tweaker contacts the Arks-Layer server to request these patchesand downloads them into your game's folder.

The Tweaker also allows you to download fan translation patches, which the Tweaker adds into the game itself.It's these things that virus heuristics wrongfully assume that the Tweaker is a virus.

You will also need to set exceptions for the game itself. PSO2 utilizes an anti-cheat software known asGameGuard, which utilizes rootkit behavior to scan your running processes and files. You cannot disable orlimit GameGuard's access in any way or form, as PSO2 will close if it detects this.

Launching the Tweaker & Updating the game

Now, after setting exceptions in our antivirus software, open the Tweaker as administrator.You'll be greeted with a pop-up message similar to below, asking if you would like to open aguide on how to use the tweaker.

Tweaker Configuration (2)

Click on "No" and you'll see another message asking if you have installed PSO2 already.If you've been following this guide, click on "Yes" and you'll be asked to search for thelocation to where you installed PSO2, for a folder named "pso2_bin".

Tweaker Configuration (3)Tweaker Configuration (4)Tweaker Configuration (5)

You may have a pop-up message informing you about fixing PSO2 permissions, just click OK and let it do its thing before continuing.

After searching for the location where you installed PSO2 and selected the pso2_bin folder,you'll be greeted with the main Tweaker window. It should then start the automatic file checkingservice in which the Tweaker will analyze your install and check which are out-of-date, then generatea list of files that it will need to download and update.

Tweaker Configuration (6)

The speed of this check depends on how powerful your computer's CPU is. Generally latest generation hardware will breeze by itfaster, while older generation hardware will be slow.

You cannot skip this check, and attempting to do so will cause yourgame's integrity to be unstable, thus you may encounter odd behavior in-game.

Once it has finished file checking, it will then move on to the updater. The Tweaker will nowdownload the files it needs to update your game. The speed of this is determined by your CPU speed.

Tweaker Configuration (7)

After you have successfully updated, whether you have installed the English patch or not,you may now play the game as is by clicking on "Start PSO2". However, there are more features that thePSO2 Tweaker can enable and install. If you wish to configure your graphics settings,click here to jump to the Graphics Configuration section of this guide.

Tweaker Plugins & Features

The PSO2 Tweaker offers extra add-on plugins that enhance the overall gaming experience for PSO2.

To access these plugins, click on the button labeled "Plugin Settings" on the tweaker.

Tweaker Configuration (8)

You will now be greeted by the Plugin Menu. A checked box means that the selected plugin has been enabledand an unchecked box means the plugin is disabled.

Tweaker Configuration (9)

Here is an overview of each plugin:

1Font ModEnables the use of special characters used in other language patches. Not required for English Patch functionality.
2Manual PatchInstalls the base English Patch automatically. This does not include the item, title, or block translations.

After selecting which plugins you wish to be enabled, click on the "Save" buttonto save your settings and close the menu. Clicking on the Plugin Check buttonwill check for updates on all plugins.

Graphics Configuration

To configure the graphic settings for PSO2, click on the button labelled"PSO2 Settings".

Tweaker Configuration (10)

Unlike other games, PSO2 has different preset graphics options that enable and disable certain settings.These settings do not allow you to customize them completely, except for the post-processing settingsthat you can enable from within the game itself.

Below are the following overview of the different settings that can beconfigured in the PSO2 Settings menu:

Video Settings
Play videos on lobby screens
Displays whether the in-game video ads in the lobbies play video or not.
Disable DirectX 9EX features
Uncheck to disable advanced DirectX 9 features. Only for the Global Version (Steam/Epic Games/Windows Store) of PSO2.The Japanese version of PSO2 uses Direct X 11 and thus this feature is unavailable for use.
Enable Coffee Brewing
See here for demonstration.
Default Monitor
Allows you to change the default monitor you wish to play PSO2 on.
Game Resolution
Window Mode
Select whether you want Virtual Fullscreen (Borderless Window) or Windowed mode.
Game Resolution
Select your preferred game resolution. Virtual Fullscreen ignores this and goes for the maximumsupported resolution based on the primary screen set configured by Windows.
Max Framerate
Set your preferred max framerate as supported by your screen. You can even choose unlimitedwhich functions the same as vsync disabled.
Text Size
This changes the scaling of the UI in-game. It's recommended that you don't touch thisunless you have a smaller screen resolution lower than 1280x720.The higher the UI resolution, the smaller the UI will be. A custom setting can be selectedif you manually edited the configuration file. (user.pso2)
Simple Render Setting
PSO2 uses different setting presets to display different graphic configurations. To play on low settings,with everything disabled, slide the slider down to 1. Maximum settings can be set by sliding the settingto 6, while medium settings can be achieved by selecting setting 3.
Shader Quality
Setting enables the quality of your shaders. Simple shaders disables all post processing effects, Standard isthe default setting, while High Resolution displays all post processing effects. Standard and High Quality shadersalso allow for them to be toggled on/off in-game. Simple disables this ability.
Texture Resolution
Selecting your texture quality determines how your in-game textures look.Compressed is good for very low end machines, Standard is the default, andHigh Resolution allows for a very near HD feel.
Audio Settings
BGM Volume
This slider lets you set the desired volume of the in-game music and concerts.
SE Volume
This slider lets you set the desired volume of the general sound effects.
Voice Volume
This slider lets you set the desired volume of the voices your character and othercharacters in-game.
Movie Volume
This slider lets you set the desired volume of the video ads in-game.

Once you have configured your desired settings, click on "Save Changes" to exit this menu.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations, you have successfully installed PSO2 and you are now ready to play the game.Check out our (Arks-Layer) Discord server located here.If this guide helped you, be sure to tell us!

If you encounter any issues, be sure to visit the Arks-Layer Discord Server located here: and join the channel #game-technicalif you're having issues relating to GameGuard or weird in-game issues, or #project-support if you're having issueswith the PSO2 Tweaker itself. Be patient however, everyone there is a volunteer and not paid or sponsored by SEGAin any way, shape or form.

If you encounter an issue (untranslated item/dialog box, possible weird translation) with the translation, also join the Discord andreport said issue to the #translation-reporting channel.

Tweaker Configuration (2024)
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