What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 72 Degrees? (2024)

guna guide What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 72 Degrees?

What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 72 Degrees? (1)

Dressing your little one for bedtime when the thermostat reads a pleasant 72°F calls for a comfy combo of light fabric and a snug sleep sack. It’s about hitting that sweet spot of snugness, ensuring your baby is neither too warm nor too cool as they drift off.

Layering at a Cozy 72 Degrees

  • 1.0 TOG: A snug, yet breathable 1.0 TOG sleep bag that’s just right for those 72-degree nights, wrapping your baby in a layer of comfort akin to a soft hug.
  • Smart Outfitting: Begin with a lightweight PJ, then layer with a 1.0 TOG sleep sack for a peaceful sleep setup. Or if your little runs hot, a short-sleeved onesie may be enough underneath.

Gunamuna's Dreamy Duos

When the room is a mild 72 degrees, gunamuna's collection comes into its own, offering pajamas and sleep bags that are a match made in heaven.

  • Optimal Pairing: The gunamuna 1.0 TOG sleep bag is your go-to choice, offering just enough warmth over our soft pajamas without the worry of overheating.
  • Consistent Comfort: We know the importance of a consistent sleep temperature, so our 1.0 TOG sleep bags are designed to provide continuous comfort throughout the night. Learn more about proper nighttime attire with ourTOG chart and guide to dressing baby for sleep.

With the right TOG value and the soft embrace of gunamuna's sleepwear, you can be assured that your baby is dressed perfectly for those 72-degree evenings. It's all about that secure, cuddled feeling that invites restful sleep, so you and your baby can both rest easy.

What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 72 Degrees? (2024)


What Should Baby Wear to Sleep at 72 Degrees? ›

Layering at a Cozy 72 Degrees

Is 72 too hot for baby to sleep? ›

Room Temperature

The ideal temperature for a baby's room should be between 68 degrees to 72 degrees fahrenheit (or 20 degrees to 22.2 degrees celsius).

Is 72 degrees warm enough for baby? ›

You don't want your baby's room to be either too hot or too cold. It's recommended that the best temperature for babies is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Babies are more sensitive to changes in room temperature because they're so small and their bodies are still growing.

What tog for 72 degrees? ›

Tog Rating Chart
TOG RatingNursery TemperatureWeight
0.5 TOG74-78 F / 23-26 CCotton Muslin
1.0 TOG69-73 F / 21-23 CCotton
2.5 TOG61-68 F / 16-20 CHeavier, winter sleep sack

How do I know if my baby is cold at night? ›

If your baby is too cold at night, the core of their body (chest, neck, back, and tummy) would feel cool to the touch. It's important to know that your baby's fingers and toes are not a good indicator of warmth.

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