Woman Begs People To “Stop Hating” On Her Body After Disneyland Visitors Cruelly Stare And Laugh (2024)


A 27-year-old woman gave an ultimatum and asked people to stop body shaming after a horrible experience she had at Disneyland.

Internet sensation Gracie Bon revealed that she was at the amusem*nt park in Paris, France, when she found other visitors staring and ogling at her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

All the TikToker wanted that day was to make some fun memories with her siblings at the theme park, but she said her day was ruined by the insensitive people laughing at her and taking photos of her.

“It’s time to stop body shaming other people,” the content curator said.


    Gracie Bon, 27, urged people to stop body shaming after a horrible experience she had at Disneyland in Paris, France

    Image credits: graciebon

    Image credits: graciebon

    “I was at Disneyland today,” the young model said in the clip that went up on her social media page on June 3.

    “I wanted to have fun with my siblings, but our day was ruined by all the people [who] were making fun of the size of my body,” she continued. “And the worst part is that they teach their kids to do the same. They kept taking photos of me, they gave me bad looks all the time or just kept laughing at me.”

    The self-described “Panamanian plus-size model” said her body is “literally what God gave” her and that nobody should ever get bullied for their physical appearance or differences.


    “I know you may think that I am exaggerating and that it’s my fault for being a big girl. But this is literally what God gave me. And I have to embrace every single part,” she said.

    The 27-year-old model said visitors at the theme park were laughing at her and giving her “bad looks”

    Image credits: graciebon

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    “Even if you have a condition or you look different, you shouldn’t get bullied for the way you look,” she went on to say. “I would never talk negatively about someone else’s appearance.”

    The social media star, with a fan-following of 3.3 million on TikTok and 6.4 million on Instagram, said she was merely “existing” when she felt bullied by people’s leering and jeering at her.

    “Respect is key. This should be a safe place where everyone feels comfortable. And I wasn’t doing anything. Just existing,” she said. “At the end of the day, I just wanted to have fun like everyone else.”

    As she concluded her verbal onslaught of body-shammers, she proclaimed: “If you don’t like something, stop hating and keep it for yourself.”

    “At the end of the day, [she] just wanted to have fun like everyone else,” but her visit to Disneyland was ruined, the social media influencer said


    Image credits: graciebon1

    Image credits: graciebon1

    Many came to her defense, with one saying: “I wish everyone could just mind their business but confidence is key.”

    “Omg. You are gorgeous!!!! Are these people crazy???” one wrote, while a third said, “I think it’s just something other people haven’t seen before and they’re curious. Still, though, that doesn’t give them the right to laugh and make you feel bad.”


    The Panamanian social media influencer often shares posts about body positivity and her own transformation as well.

    In a post pinned to the top of her Instagram grid, Gracie shared side-by-side pictures of herself before and after shedding weight. She also said she is not “ashamed” of her curves and refuses to hate on her own body.

    The Panamanian woman reminded her audience that nobody should be bullied for their physical appearance or differences

    Image credits: graciebon1


    Image credits: graciebon1

    “WHAT GOD GAVE ME. You can clearly see in the first picture how my ‘natural’ body looked and GUESS WHAT in that time they looked at me strangely and got body shamed too because I look different and dress differently,” she wrote in the caption.

    “So because I’m a plus size girl I cannot wear whatever I want and go outside? Sorry I’m not ashamed anymore of my curves and I’ll not hate my body because you hate it. Some of you normalize hating on girls for nothing, just for being themselves. mind you, the thighs match,” she continued.

    In April, the OnlyFans model claimed that she bought her own plane to travel in because her bum “didn’t fit in plane seats.” She said it “wasn’t her fault her curvy bum [wouldn’t] fit in them” and asked travel companies to have bigger seats fit in their aircraft.

    The content creator often gets targeted in speculations about having done butt lifts, lip injections, fillers, breast implants, and Botox to alter her appearance.

    Gracie said she has never done face surgery but has never addressed speculations about getting butt lifts, lip injections, fillers, breast implants and Botox



    Image credits: graciebon1

    While she did not directly address all the allegations of going under the knife, the internet-famous personality once said she never underwent any face surgery.

    “How life changes when you start loving yourself. Happy to have you who have seen all my evolution and also those who criticise and wish to be me. And no, I have never had face surgery,” she said, as quoted by Mirror.

    After posting the Disneyland clip on social media, people online said, “God didn’t give you that body, you paid for it”

    @graciebon1stop body shame.♬ sonido original – Dontitanspeakerman

    Her recent clip, where she chided body-shamers for ruining her trip to Disneyland, also sparked accusations from fans about Gracie opting for cosmetic surgery to change her looks.

    “I didn’t realise your surgeons name was ‘God,’” one joked while another quipped, “God didn’t give you that body, you paid for it.”

    “You can’t say that God gave you that when you’ve had surgery to enhance it. Had you have stayed completely natural, no surgeries at all, it may not protrude like it does. Now granted…I love it but God didn’t do that,” another said.

    Many people online slammed the Disneyland visitors for the way they made the TikTok star feel


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    Woman Begs People To “Stop Hating” On Her Body After Disneyland Visitors Cruelly Stare And Laugh (2024)
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