How Many Baby Swaddles Do I Need? (2024)

How many swaddles do you need for newborn?

If you’re getting used to life with your newborn, one of the things you’re probably familiar with is the swaddle blanket! Swaddle blankets are meant to soothe your newborn infant as she gets used to life outside the womb. Those first few months of life are sometimes referred to as the “fourth trimester” and to help ease that transition, swaddling is meant to mimic life inside the womb where baby has lived so snuggly for the past nine months. It’s that wrapped, tight feeling that helps her feel comfortable, safe and secure. Swaddling also helps flailing arms and legs that can trigger her startle reflex (also known as the Moro reflex) that can wake her up during precious sleep time. Once you get the hang of wrapping up your baby like an adorable baby burrito, you may wonder, how many swaddles do I need? Keep reading for some answers to these commonly asked questions!

How many swaddle blankets do I need?

While this really comes down to personal preference, on most baby registries you’ll find that your newborn should have three to six swaddle blankets in their wardrobe. That’s a couple to have on hand while one or two are in the wash, and an extra to use as needed for naptime, a walk in the stroller, and as preferred. If you find that you keep asking yourself how many baby swaddles do i need – chances are, you wouldn’t mind having some extra!

Why do I need more than one swaddle for newborns?

How many swaddles do you need for newborn is up to each family’s discretion. While it’s nice to have one, it’s also nice to have an extra or two as you establish nap and sleep time routines, and as used as a comfort object. The good news is, swaddle blankets are often sold in packs of 3-4 which means having more than one is a given.

When should I use a new swaddle for my baby?

Again, it’s a personal preference to decide how many swaddle blankets do you need but it’s a good idea to use a fresh one after a day or two, and certainly grab a new one when diaper accidents or spit up occurs!

Is having multiple swaddles worth it?

Having multiple swaddle blankets on hand is worth it if it will make life easier for you in those first few months of parenting. Several companies even sell them in packs which makes things very convenient and affordable! But you know what they say, if you have to ask how many swaddle blankets do you need for newborn and how many swaddles do you need for baby, the answer is that it might be nice to have some extras! The good news is they’re easy enough to keep at home and to pack for on the go!

Do I need different types of swaddles?

When it comes to swaddling, it’s nice to have options. Traditional swaddling blankets are made of cotton, muslin, or bamboo – natural, soft fibers that are breathable and help regulate baby’s temperature. Some are large, thin blankets and you create the swaddle yourself – they come with instructions, don’t worry! The other kind of swaddle is more like a wearable blanket. The Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle is designed to help your baby feel calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It can be worn as a weighted baby swaddle or sleep sack, has a two-way zipper for easy diaper changes. Like traditional swaddle blankets, the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle helps to ease the transition from the womb.

What types of swaddles do I need?

We know, like everything baby, there are lots of options out there. When it comes to swaddle blankets, every design is slightly different and has different ways to be worn. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully – some even come with videos – take the time to read and/or watch to ensure your – and baby’s! – comfort and safety.

What is the best swaddle for newborns?

The best swaddle for newborns really comes down to your personal preference…. But ease of use can’t be underestimated! We have found that when things are stressful for parents, they are stressful for everyone – including your newborn. While some parents get the hang of the swaddle baby burrito in no time, for others, it’s more challenging. Parents love the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle for its simple design. It has detachable swaddle wings which means it can be used as a swaddle or sleep sack. It was designed in collaboration with pediatricians, NICU nurses and certified sleep consultants to help your baby feel calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Sounds like a winner to us!

How Many Baby Swaddles Do I Need? (2024)


How Many Baby Swaddles Do I Need? ›

While this really comes down to personal preference, on most baby registries you'll find that your newborn should have three to six swaddle blankets

swaddle blankets
A swaddle is meant to soothe your newborn infant by wrapping them up in a thin blanket – often referred to as a swaddle blanket. Swaddling means wrapping the baby up in the swaddle - to resemble the feeling of being in the womb where baby was nice and snuggly in the earliest stages of development. › news › what-is-a-swaddle
in their wardrobe.

How many swaddles do you actually need? ›

Some babies will use the same one for a week so it would be overkill having 4. I would only get a couple in case your baby doesn't like to be swaddled. Mine did but it was a little trial and error what aort of swaddled worked best for my daughter. We actually used quite a few different ones.

How many baby blankets do I need? ›

Recommended Blanket Quantities

During the newborn stage, you can benefit from having around 6-12 receiving blankets and 2-4 swaddling blankets as your primary go-tos. These numbers can accommodate multiple changes throughout the day and offer ample backups for nighttime disruptions and laundering needs.

How many swaddles do you need to bring to the hospital? ›

2-3x Cocoon Swaddle Sacks in size Newborn or 0-3 months (1.0 TOG or 2.5 TOG for cooler weather) 3x Swaddles. Newborn nappies - Bring one whole packet.

How many times should you swaddle a baby? ›

If you decide to swaddle, only do it from birth, and swaddle your baby every time they sleep, day or night. Don't introduce swaddling when the risk of SIDS is highest, at two months to three months (Nelson 2017, ISPID 2020). You should stop swaddling your baby as soon as they show signs of being able to roll over .

How long is too long to swaddle? ›

It's important to stop swaddling once your baby starts trying to roll over. This can be as early as 2 months of age. Sleep sacks or wearable blankets that don't compress your baby's arms and chest can be worn up to about the age of 2 or about 30 lbs.

Should babies be swaddled all day? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents keep their babies swaddled for 12–20 hours per day for the first few weeks after birth. This relaxes babies. Swaddling a baby correctly also protects her from overheating, injuries and sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

How many baby crib sheets do I need? ›

If you want to place fresh sheets in your baby's crib once a week, plan for two or three crib sheets. But if you plan on changing your crib sheets out every day, we recommend having at least five to seven crib sheets.

How many pacifiers do I need? ›

As a general rule of thumb, you may want to have at least four to six pacifiers for your baby: two for the crib, one for the diaper bag, one for the car seat, and one or two spares. You can also leave some pacifiers at your baby's daycare, grandparents' house, or other places where your baby spends time.

How many muslins do you need? ›

As a general guideline, it is recommended to have at least 10-12 muslins on hand. One for each room that you will be using with the baby, a couple in the changing bag, one in the car, one kept in the pram and a few in the wash should be enough for everyday use.

Does the hospital give you a pacifier? ›

And, bonus: You won't have to remember when to take your medications because they'll be brought to you! Diapers, diaper wipes, bottles, nipples and (if you decide to use them) pacifiers. Everything your baby will need during their hospital stay is provided. You only need to pack for the trip home.

What are the swaddling guidelines? ›

Be sure the swaddle blankets go below your baby's mouth across the chest. Do not use more than 2 swaddling blankets so your baby does not get too hot – heavier blankets and the use of too many blankets is not recommended because your baby can become too hot. Overheating increases your babies risk for SIDS.

Should I pack swaddles in a hospital bag? ›

Car seat: Bring your infant car seat to the hospital, as most hospitals won't allow you to leave without one. 5. Swaddle blankets: Many hospitals provideswaddle blankets, but you may want to bring your own if you have a preference.

Do babies sleep longer if swaddled? ›

Know the risks

Parents should know that there are some risks to swaddling. Swaddling may decrease a baby's arousal, so that it's harder for them to wake up. That is why swaddling can seem so attractive to new, sleep-deprived parents—the baby sleeps longer and doesn't wake up as easily.

How many hours a day should a newborn be swaddled? ›

All babies need some time to stretch, bathe, and get a massage. But, you'll probably notice your baby is calmer if she's swaddled 12 to 20 hours a day, to start with. (Remember, as a fetus, she was snuggled 24 hours a day.) After one or two months, you can reduce wrap time according to how calm she is without it.

When to stop sleep sacks? ›

After a year old, if your child is ready, you can start to transition from a sleep sack to a blanket. At this point, the risk of SIDs has significantly decreased as your child has the mobility to roll over easily from any direction.

Do you need more than one swaddle? ›

Quantity: Having a Wash, Wear & Spare for your baby at any given time should get you through comfortably. Size: Typically, most babies need two sets of swaddles: one set in Newborn size & one set in size Small.

Can I put 2 swaddles on my baby? ›

Do not use more than 2 swaddling blankets so your baby does not get too hot – heavier blankets and the use of too many blankets is not recommended because your baby can become too hot. Overheating increases your babies risk for SIDS.

How many newborn love to dream swaddles do I need? ›

How many SWADDLE UPs do I need? We recommend that you purchase at least two SWADDLE UPs™ in the appropriate size. If you own two then one can be in the wash while your baby is wearing the other one. It might even be helpful to consider having a third on hand to use in case of emergencies!

Is it safe to use two swaddles? ›

Some studies have shown an increased risk of SIDS and unintentional suffocation when babies are swaddled if they are placed on their stomach to sleep, or if they roll onto their stomach. If babies are swaddled, they should be placed only on their back and monitored so they don't roll over.

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